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Montana Bound Series Book 4
Linda Bradley
Publisher: Akin House Publishing
Genre: Women's Fiction
Release date: October 31, 2017

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Chloe and John McIntyre await Maggie Abernathy's arrival at the 617 Ranch, but snowfall has halted flights from Michigan to Montana. While Maggie and her mother prepare for a delayed departure, eight-year-old Chloe prepares for disappointment by inviting her Hollywood mother to the ranch in hopes of filling the void. Brook's unexpected acceptance raises the stakes for John who longs for the perfect Christmas. This cast of misfits bands together in true Montana Bound style when unexpected guests arrive and a curious dog goes missing.


"What fun! From the first chapter to the last, this story is a like a warm hug. Linda Bradley weaves the different worlds of each of the characters together in a rich tapestry that mirrors the story line itself. This could easily become a beloved holiday movie classic, if it were given the chance. Maggie, John, and Chloe will feel as much like family to you as they do to each other. Open a wonderful gift of the holidays, when you open A Montana Bound Christmas." —Annette Rochelle Aben, Amazon.com Best-Selling Author

"Ho, Ho, Home for the Holidays is another well-written, heartfelt story in the lives of Maggie, John, and the adorable Chloe. The mix of romance and the holidays is one of my favorites and author Linda Bradley packages it nice with a big fancy bow!If you like your holiday romance with a lot of feel-good emotions, you'll really enjoy this continuation of the Montana Bound series." —Nancy Fraser, Award Winning Author

"Captivated from the start, I read this fast-paced novella in one sitting. Having read other books in the Montana series, I was familiar with many of the characters and enjoyed seeing them in a more challenging setting. I found myself chuckling at their antics as they all gathered in hopes of celebrating the perfect Christmas. Ms. Bradley has produced another delightful read...a Christmas gift for all of us." —Joanne Guidoccio, author of Too Many Women in the Room

"When we last left John, Maggie and Chloe in the Montana Bound three book series, we had our happy ending, and it ended in a good place, I was happy with the series. Imagine my excitement when Ms. Bradley sent me this fourth installment—and a Christmas one at that! I’m not going to give a lot away, but I think I see even better closure for a couple more characters. This book alternates point-of-views each chapter – and I liked seeing in the thoughts of the other characters like John’s father and his ex-wife. If you’ve read the Montana Bound series, this is a welcome addition, and if you haven’t – you can read it as a standalone, but to get the full impact of what these characters have been through, start at the beginning, Maggie’s Way." —Cyrene Olson, Uncaged Book Reviews

"I have loved all four novels in this series! The characters are so well developed. This novella was extra special as Linda gave us the other characters point of view in their own voice. Refreshing, feel-good read about a group of misfits finally becoming a family at Christmas." —Janet Shishakly, Amazon Review

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