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linda bradley's reunion

Montana Bred Series, Book 2
Linda Bradley
Publisher: Akin House Publishing
Genre: Women's Fiction
Release date: February 1, 2023

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How much will Chloe McIntyre and her mother, Brook, sacrifice to rebuild their relationship?

CHLOE MCINTYRE expectant momma, invites her Hollywood fashion designer mother to the Montana family ranch, knowing it's time to make amends after a three-year rift. As Chloe and her mother strive to start over, they quickly discover that letting go of past hurts is easier said than done. Brook's workaholic lifestyle leaves little room for mother-daughter time, and Chloe's impulsive nature to fix what she sees as her mother's shortcomings create added tension.

Just as Brook finally expresses the maternal emotion Chloe craves and acceptance breeds a newfound trust, Brook's hidden agenda is revealed. Chloe's instinct to protect the wranglers she oversees, her home and her heart leaves her mother with an ultimatum: to stay and to stick with their compromise—or cut ties for good.

Chloe and her mother must come to terms with what they can't change in order to accept an outcome defined by tough love.


readers' favorite award five stars for Linda Bradley's REUNION"REUNION by Linda Bradley is a fantastic story and the second book of the Montana Bred series. You can read it as a standalone or a part of the series because it's both independent and continuous. The story centers on the parent-child relationship, priority, abandonment issues, love, sacrifice, and traumas. I loved the depth, uniqueness, and authenticity of this novel. Linda's writing style gave off a laid-back vibe, warmth, and southern drama in the summer. This novel felt like a classic soap opera...Reunion was a beautiful book!" —Review by Jennifer Ibiam for Readers' Favorite


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